Monday, 5 November 2012

The Land of the Dead

Following on from a post where I showed you the tools for my Halloween make up, I wanted to show you the actual result! I decided to go for the high school zombie look. Honestly it did feel a little odd going to a club in jeans and Converse; however it was nice not worrying about if you looked like a mess, because that was the look rough! I did get a lot of people asking to touch my face which was odd, and the occasional piece of "skin" flapping off my chin as I talked....not a good look I can assure you. 

You can check out the kit I used here on a previous post. The only extra bits I used were Clarins Odyssey palette, of course, and Ellis Faas Glazed Lips in Sheer Blood Red L301. Ironic. Apparently this Ellis Faas lip colour is inspired by the Snow White look and is actually the same colour as blood! Useful for Halloween anyway! I have one more look to show you in the week, but for now, what did you go as for Halloween?? Indigo

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