Sunday, 4 November 2012

Autumn Evening Catch Ups

I hadn't seen my best friend in months, and as she had just found out that her boyfriend is being posted off to the Falklands next Summer, she came home for a few drinks and a catch up with some of our other mates. It's lovely when we get together, we're just as close as we've always been. I love her so much and miss her loads when she's not here. 

Anyway, enough with the soppy rubbish! I wanted to try a sort of futuristic type look and something to go with the beautiful Illamasqua Boost lip gloss I bought earlier in the day. I love this gloss because you can put it over any lipstick and it gives it this almost holographic type glow so it can really update any old colours you have. However, here I decided to wear it alone, with just a little Stay Don't Stray under to keep it in place. It's also not sticky so your hair won't get stuck in it! My only negative is that the packaging is a little boring, but if the products amazing I suppose a plain tube is ok...

Other key products I used for this look were Clarins Waterproof Eyeliner in Violet. I also have this liner in turquoise, they are fab, and so so bright! I also used Clarins Odyssey Eye Palette which I keep raving about, but it is incredible! It has a beautiful array of brown tones for a daytime look and a gold like I've never seen. In the case it looks like gold flakes, but it so soft when on. It's just beautiful! To compliment this lavish gold I used a lashing of Sugarbomb and framed it all off with my ever trust worthy Brow Zings! Indigo


  1. Very pretty, love the lip colour xx

  2. pretty make up! Really like your lip colour xx


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