Sunday, 21 October 2012

We Live for the Fame

I can safely say that I am not the first blogger to write about Lady Gaga's much awaited black perfume. When I first heard Gaga was going to release her own fragrance I was genuinely excited, after finding my perfect nude lipstick in her Mac collection I knew it was going to be good. I got my hands on a sample of this fragrance through my GlossyBox and I was so ecstatic! I literally ripped it out of the packaging and spritzed it up and down my arms, let it settle then took my first whiff of Gaga's venture into the overwhelming world of fragrance. Oh. That's it? I let both Mum and Dad have a smell, and you know what we ALL said?! "I've smelt that before."

That's just it, I have smelt this somewhere before! But where, I have no clue. I love it though, even though I have smelt it somewhere else, I do love it. It's nothing new, or exciting...or ground breaking, it's not going to change how we all look at fragrance, but it's wearable, just like every other celeb fragrance. The lid feels cheap, but the bottle totally embodies all that is the legendary Gaga. I like to add my own twist to this scent by adding a spritz of Karma by Lush, they blend together perfectly. However would I purchase this perfume again, maybe, if it was on offer like it was the first time I bought it! Indigo

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