Wednesday, 24 October 2012

This Is Halloween!

My Kit:
Boots Value Make Up Sponges
A Bobby Pin

Halloween is a time to look scary, in my opinion. When typing halloween costume ideas for women into google all you get in response are cheerleaders, disney princesses, sailors, police women, a few lame superheros and Katy Perry. This is Halloween guys! You can dress up as a bumble bee any other time of the year. Throw in the word zombie and you're getting there. Cheerleader zombie...awesome. I've wanted to write, direct, design and even be in my own horror film for as long as I can remember, I just love them. But this year I wanted an excuse to play with make up and this is why I'm probably going to end up going as a slasher victim, think classic Scream, Drew Barrymore etc. It had crossed my mind to go as Carrie from Stephen King's film until my friend text me and said she was thinking of going as her too...I then realised that there would be little make up involved in this apart from getting someone to throw a bucket of blood over me....

Anyway, I started to have a little practice and I'm pretty pleased with how it's turned out. In the photo below I used the liquid latex on the bigger gash on the left and skin wax on the right. I much prefer the latex as it's easier to work with, the wax can get pretty sticky and feels greasy on the skin. However when cutting open the cuts with a bobby pin the wax was easier to get into, the latex took a few attempts. But overall the latex creates a more realistic effect. 

I was also surprised with the thickness of the fake blood. When it came through the post I was disappointed to find that it's actually Smiffy's fake blood thinking that it would just run straight off. But in fact it's actually really thick and looks so realistic. The face paint is a little thin, but just means you need more layers of it! What's your plan for halloween? Indigo


  1. You look great - in a good scary sense! :) I can't wait to paint my face to become a zombie. ;) LOL! X

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