Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Best Make Up Remover, Ever?!

DHC 200ml £18.50 

When I first received this product I didn't instantly pick it up and slather it all over my face. No, I thought, what the hell am I supposed to do with this?! The last thing I thought was that it would be a make up remover. But make up remover it is! Well, there's no harm in giving it a go. At first I loved it, I felt a bit like a wizard when I could just rub my hands over my face and bam the dirt was gone! Even mascara, I genuinely thought I was holding the secret of life in my hands for a week or so. Until....

the spot crew arrived. Urgh. Now, yes this product is olive oil based, and I did feel like I was just slathering olive oil all over my face ready to be slapped on to a pizza, but it worked! Alas, the spots just kept coming, and they aren't little, no. They are huge, scar leaving types. THE worst. Luckily in my next glossy box I received something to clear up these pesky blemishes. Phew. Even so, I have stopped using this beauty for a while just to see if this is where the spots are coming from. Boo, why can't I just be an olive... Indigo


  1. Ah its such a shame when products break you out especially when they're really good otherwise! As an oily skinned girl I'm always nervous about putting more oil on my face. I hope your skin clears up soon! xx

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  2. it might be that! I got some in SheSaid and i was breaking out in big fat spots and I'd changed nothing else x


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