Friday, 19 October 2012

Dior: Capture Totale

I was given two lovely samples from my local Dior counter, and what incredible samples they are! Unfortunately I love both products. Lets start with the boosting serum, it's anti ageing and suitable for all skin types which is brilliant. Basically it boosts the skins regeneration to help fight the visible signs of ageing. I love it because it is fab for my dry skin and makes it feel super awake and rejuvenated; plus it smells luxurious. And it should for the price! I nearly laughed when I saw how much it was. A part of me can understand, because it is a beautiful product, and if you're looking to invest in a lovely and effective skin routine, then this is the one to invest in! I have seen visible results, and to be fair, this is about the average price for a luxury skin serum today. 

The multi perfection cream is just as fab! It feels beautiful on the skin, like velvet. It delivers ultimate comfort to the skin, say bye bye to that tight feeling! I didn't use it this morning and my skin felt dirty and stretched. My skin really does appear more luminous. Unfortunately I won't be re-purchasing these products as I really can't budget for this sort of routine. It is such a shame as I've seen such a radical improvement in the overall brightness of my skin when using the products together. They really are a little wonder duo! I will shed a tear when I have to throw my empty sample tube away! Indigo

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