Tuesday, 6 November 2012

What none of them knew, of course, was that Carrie White was telekinetic.

Yes, as you can see I chose to go as Stephen King's Carrie for my second Halloween outfit of choice. Little did I know that they are making a remake with Chloe Moretz as Carrie and Julianne Moore as the Mother due for release Spring 2013. I am, on the one hand, very excited as Carrie is one of my all time favourite films, but on the other hand...it's one of my all time favourite films!!! Don't mess with it! Saying that both Moretz and Moore are fabulous and the trailer looks intense. I just can't comprehend how they will play out the opening scene in modern day America and I'm worried it will end up like another Teen Horror. Not saying that Prom Night is bad, it isn't, it's brilliant, but Carrie deserves more than a Teen Horror title. It's a classic. 

Needless to say, I loved being Carrie for a night...
...love Indigo

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Land of the Dead

Following on from a post where I showed you the tools for my Halloween make up, I wanted to show you the actual result! I decided to go for the high school zombie look. Honestly it did feel a little odd going to a club in jeans and Converse; however it was nice not worrying about if you looked like a mess, because that was the idea...to look rough! I did get a lot of people asking to touch my face which was odd, and the occasional piece of "skin" flapping off my chin as I talked....not a good look I can assure you. 

You can check out the kit I used here on a previous post. The only extra bits I used were Clarins Odyssey palette, of course, and Ellis Faas Glazed Lips in Sheer Blood Red L301. Ironic. Apparently this Ellis Faas lip colour is inspired by the Snow White look and is actually the same colour as blood! Useful for Halloween anyway! I have one more look to show you in the week, but for now, what did you go as for Halloween?? 
...love Indigo

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Autumn Evening Catch Ups

I hadn't seen my best friend in months, and as she had just found out that her boyfriend is being posted off to the Falklands next Summer, she came home for a few drinks and a catch up with some of our other mates. It's lovely when we get together, we're just as close as we've always been. I love her so much and miss her loads when she's not here. 

Anyway, enough with the soppy rubbish! I wanted to try a sort of futuristic type look and something to go with the beautiful Illamasqua Boost lip gloss I bought earlier in the day. I love this gloss because you can put it over any lipstick and it gives it this almost holographic type glow so it can really update any old colours you have. However, here I decided to wear it alone, with just a little Stay Don't Stray under to keep it in place. It's also not sticky so your hair won't get stuck in it! My only negative is that the packaging is a little boring, but if the products amazing I suppose a plain tube is ok...

Other key products I used for this look were Clarins Waterproof Eyeliner in Violet. I also have this liner in turquoise, they are fab, and so so bright! I also used Clarins Odyssey Eye Palette which I keep raving about, but it is incredible! It has a beautiful array of brown tones for a daytime look and a gold like I've never seen. In the case it looks like gold flakes, but it so soft when on. It's just beautiful! To compliment this lavish gold I used a lashing of Sugarbomb and framed it all off with my ever trust worthy Brow Zings!

...love Indigo

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

FOTD: Easy Peasy Make Up

Everyone needs a super easy, super quick fall to look. Autumn is a great time to experiment with a deeper palette. As I have said before, I love the matte browns in Clarins Odyssey palette and a deep lip.  One of my favourite quick products are Nars lip pencils, they slip on so easily and create a beautifully natural look. Keeping make up quick is all about substituting your usual products for quick fixes, for example here, I swapped my Brow Zings for a pencil and my usual foundation for a BB cream that I can apply with my fingers. 

I really like No7's BB cream, it's a little thicker than a tinted moisturiser and you get a nice coverage without using a concealer. I tried, and at first loved Laura Mercier's tinted moisturiser but after using it for a while I couldn't see that it was actually doing much in terms of making my skin tone look a little more even etc. My Mum was using it too, and she felt the same, maybe it's just us!

...love Indigo

Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Best Make Up Remover, Ever?!

DHC 200ml £18.50 

When I first received this product I didn't instantly pick it up and slather it all over my face. No, I thought, what the hell am I supposed to do with this?! The last thing I thought was that it would be a make up remover. But make up remover it is! Well, there's no harm in giving it a go. At first I loved it, I felt a bit like a wizard when I could just rub my hands over my face and bam the dirt was gone! Even mascara, I genuinely thought I was holding the secret of life in my hands for a week or so. Until....

the spot crew arrived. Urgh. Now, yes this product is olive oil based, and I did feel like I was just slathering olive oil all over my face ready to be slapped on to a pizza, but it worked! Alas, the spots just kept coming, and they aren't little, no. They are huge, scar leaving types. THE worst. Luckily in my next glossy box I received something to clear up these pesky blemishes. Phew. Even so, I have stopped using this beauty for a while just to see if this is where the spots are coming from. Boo, why can't I just be an olive...

...love Indigo

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

This Is Halloween!

My Kit:
Boots Value Make Up Sponges
A Bobby Pin

Halloween is a time to look scary, in my opinion. When typing halloween costume ideas for women into google all you get in response are cheerleaders, disney princesses, sailors, police women, a few lame superheros and Katy Perry. This is Halloween guys! You can dress up as a bumble bee any other time of the year. Throw in the word zombie and you're getting there. Cheerleader zombie...awesome. I've wanted to write, direct, design and even be in my own horror film for as long as I can remember, I just love them. But this year I wanted an excuse to play with make up and this is why I'm probably going to end up going as a slasher victim, think classic Scream, Drew Barrymore etc. It had crossed my mind to go as Carrie from Stephen King's film until my friend text me and said she was thinking of going as her too...I then realised that there would be little make up involved in this apart from getting someone to throw a bucket of blood over me....

Anyway, I started to have a little practice and I'm pretty pleased with how it's turned out. In the photo below I used the liquid latex on the bigger gash on the left and skin wax on the right. I much prefer the latex as it's easier to work with, the wax can get pretty sticky and feels greasy on the skin. However when cutting open the cuts with a bobby pin the wax was easier to get into, the latex took a few attempts. But overall the latex creates a more realistic effect. 

I was also surprised with the thickness of the fake blood. When it came through the post I was disappointed to find that it's actually Smiffy's fake blood thinking that it would just run straight off. But in fact it's actually really thick and looks so realistic. The face paint is a little thin, but just means you need more layers of it! What's your plan for halloween?
...love Indigo

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Winter Spikes

I found this brilliantly cheap jewellery site, I'm not really one for jewellery but I am trying to wear more. This site, Hannymade has some really cute, quirky pieces. I picked up a few bits including the galaxy necklace and wishbone bracelet. It's all very simple, but beautiful. 

...love Indigo

Sunday, 21 October 2012

We Live for the Fame

I can safely say that I am not the first blogger to write about Lady Gaga's much awaited black perfume. When I first heard Gaga was going to release her own fragrance I was genuinely excited, after finding my perfect nude lipstick in her Mac collection I knew it was going to be good. I got my hands on a sample of this fragrance through my GlossyBox and I was so ecstatic! I literally ripped it out of the packaging and spritzed it up and down my arms, let it settle then took my first whiff of Gaga's venture into the overwhelming world of fragrance. Oh. That's it? I let both Mum and Dad have a smell, and you know what we ALL said?! "I've smelt that before."

That's just it, I have smelt this somewhere before! But where, I have no clue. I love it though, even though I have smelt it somewhere else, I do love it. It's nothing new, or exciting...or ground breaking, it's not going to change how we all look at fragrance, but it's wearable, just like every other celeb fragrance. The lid feels cheap, but the bottle totally embodies all that is the legendary Gaga. I like to add my own twist to this scent by adding a spritz of Karma by Lush, they blend together perfectly. However would I purchase this perfume again, maybe, if it was on offer like it was the first time I bought it! 

...love Indigo

Friday, 19 October 2012

Dior: Capture Totale

I was given two lovely samples from my local Dior counter, and what incredible samples they are! Unfortunately I love both products. Lets start with the boosting serum, it's anti ageing and suitable for all skin types which is brilliant. Basically it boosts the skins regeneration to help fight the visible signs of ageing. I love it because it is fab for my dry skin and makes it feel super awake and rejuvenated; plus it smells luxurious. And it should for the price! I nearly laughed when I saw how much it was. A part of me can understand, because it is a beautiful product, and if you're looking to invest in a lovely and effective skin routine, then this is the one to invest in! I have seen visible results, and to be fair, this is about the average price for a luxury skin serum today. 

The multi perfection cream is just as fab! It feels beautiful on the skin, like velvet. It delivers ultimate comfort to the skin, say bye bye to that tight feeling! I didn't use it this morning and my skin felt dirty and stretched. My skin really does appear more luminous. Unfortunately I won't be re-purchasing these products as I really can't budget for this sort of routine. It is such a shame as I've seen such a radical improvement in the overall brightness of my skin when using the products together. They really are a little wonder duo! I will shed a tear when I have to throw my empty sample tube away!

...love Indigo

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

FOTD: Waking up late!

I woke up super late and had to rush out the house! I threw my hair up and slapped the make up on! I went for a fail safe Autumn look, deep lips and gold eyes. I'm loving this colour combination at the moment and this Dior lipsticks is one of my all time favourites. It's called Hypnotic Red (862), but it's a little more plum than it's description. It's lovely and tastes like berries. Yummy. You can also see I wear a lot of Benefit, I swear by their brow zings and more recently their erase paste! Like I have said before, I like to mix erase paste and high beam and sweep it over my cheek bones for a really fresh look. This is brilliant when you're feeling a little tired!

...love Indigo